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About me

I am a freelancer geospatial data analyst, open to work with you. I am a PhD in geography with more then 13 years of experience in using Geographic Information Systems, 3 years in Python and almost 2 years in C# &Unity 3D game engine. I am a data analyst, scientist, programmer, artist, and game developer.

I have worked for Jagiellonian University, UBS Evidence Lab, Red Labs, PwC, Center Systems Solutions...




spatial data analysis - bicycle network in Krakow

Geospatial data engineer & business data analyst 

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About games4Earth project

Project started on 23rd September 2020. It aspires to use powers of game engines, Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Python to deliver insightful data analysis. The initial projects, Earth Quiz and Climatepunk, were undertaken to acquire expertise in Unity 3D and explore potential synergies and advantages of integrating games with GIS.

Since 2023 I oriented games4Earth towards geospatial data analytics and visualization.

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Credits: background created based on NASA Visible Earth images